Long Necklace

Most long necklaces use the same silky waxed cord as our shorter styles – except thicker (1mm opposed to the finer .8mm cord). They are still adjustable with the silicone inner ‘slider bead’ which allows them to be both a short and long necklace. 

A small range of our longer necklace use tan leather straps – 1.5mm – 2mm wide.  These too will have a slider bead to adjust length however it will be a bead in keeping with the feature beads.

Feature beads are mixes of natural woods, matte white or pastel coloured resins, hand-cut recycled glass and our custom matte plated metal charms/pendants.

Most long necklaces will fall to a length of approx. 50cm (a total length of necklace 110 – 115cm )